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Lebanese Cuisine Catering and Cooking Classes in Kelowna, BC.

Baklava Phyllo stuffed rolls with walnuts and apricots

Baba Ghanoush

Fatoush Tangy Pita Salad

Tabouli Parsley Salad

Fatyre Meat or Spinach

Warak Enib tangy stuffed grape leaves

Chicken and Rice with carrots and Almonds


Falafal Appies

Tomato/Zataar/Cheese Bites

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Lebanese Cuisine in Kelowna provides “ in home “ catering services for your dinner parties with guests from 8 to 50 people.

Get your family and friends together and experience a taste of the Middle East with savory dishes from Lebanon.

Lebanese food is regarded as the healthiest of cuisines because it focuses on an assortment of the freshest ingredients like mint, parsley, bulgar wheat, garlic, and lemon juice. The greatest thing about Lebanese cuisine is that almost all dishes can be made with meat or without.

Your dinner will consist of traditional home cooked dishes made from natural and nutritious meats, produce, grains and vegetables and always dressed with the finest olive oils.

If you’ve never had Lebanese food before, be prepared for a food EXPERIENCE you’ll never forget!

" The gathering of family, friends and delicious food is what makes any person rich."


MEZZA {Appetizers}

Hummus [dip made from garbanzo beans, garlic, sesame seed paste and lemon … sooo yummy ]

Baba Ghannuj [dip made the same as hommus but using eggplant, your tastebuds will have an explosion of flavor! ]

Black Olives

Pita chips


Laham Mishwi [ BBQ beef or Chicken kabobs]


Djaj M’tabbel [ skinless chicken baked with lots of garlic, lemon and zartar, a very tangy dish ]

Substitutes will be made for an all vegetarian meal, the list is long.

Riz M’falfal [a mix of noodles and rice cooked in clairified butter]

Tabouli [The freshest and best salad you’ve ever had, a beautiful medely of finely chopped parsley, lettuce, tomatoe, green onions, sprinkle of bulgar wheat, olive oil and lemon juice, you will want this everyday! ]

Warak Enib [grapeleaves stuffed with rice, fresh parsley, tomatoe, mint, and lots of lemon juice, sooo delicious, it’s like eating candy! ]

Sweets & Beverages

Baklava [phyllo pastrie stuffed with walnuts drizzled with home made syrup, it’s the best kiss to the end of a beautiful dinner]

Arabic coffee [espresso ground coffee from Lebanon made and served the traditional way]

Price $35.00 per person


Clean up if needed $40.00
Serving dishes $40.00

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"I have had the good fortune of being raised by an amazing woman who could cook anyone under the table! {no kidding }.

Growing up with a mom like that meant there was always food in the kitchen and ALWAYS made from scratch. My mother made homemade yogurt and bulgar wheat from scratch because there was no where to buy these staples needed for some of the traditional dishes that she lovingly made.

My love for cooking comes from my mother who is my mentor and teacher. I especially enjoy cooking Lebanese food and really believe that it is the best food to eat and I can assure you that I have been trained to cook Lebanese food by the very best.

The bounty of the Okanagan harvest has been inspiring and exciting for me and I would love to share with you the joy of cooking or eating Lebanese style.

“ Sahtayn! “ To your good health many times! "

Betty Cherkaoui


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